Skyline Drive
We like to ride the Harleys to
Skyline Drive.  This photo was
taken Oct 2007 along one of the
hiking trails..
Isla Mujeres
Took this while spending a week
at the Mayan Palace on the
Riviera Maya.
 Check out the
timeshares that we have.  
Occasionally one is available.
Fairfax, VA HOG Chapter
We joined the Fairfax HOG
Chapter in July 2008 and started
off our membership by riding in
the City of Fairfax 4th of July
parade.  The glasses were a big
hit along the route.
Vacations & Hobbies
Scuba Diving, Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Rides, Travel to China, Spain,
Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Guatemala, El Salvador, and
Mexico are recent adventures.  Also enjoy camping and amateur radio.  
Hopefully you will enjoy some of the photos and descriptions.
Here are some of the most recent adventures.
Timeshares Available - Sometimes
We have several weeks of timeshares and some years we use them
all.  Other years we are happy to rent them out.  We have a couple of
weeks in Williamsburg, VA .  We also have weeks at resorts in Mexico
(locations in
Playa del Carmen, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta,
Nuevo Vallarta, Matzalan, Acapulco.  They can be used almost any
week of the year and traded for resorts throughout the world.  We
have used them for trips to Australia, India, Japan, Thailand, Germany,
Guatamala, South Africa, and other countries.  They have also been
traded for resorts in the U.S.
Roxy and Jack Adventures and Hobbies
Rode the Harleys to the Virginia State Hog Rally in
Chesapeake.  We placed 3rd in Biker Bowling.
Traveled to China in May - Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing
Traveled to Germany, France, and The Netherlands in January..
Traveled to Cabo San Lucas in December.
Traveled to Cancun, Guatemala and El Salvador.
Jack & Roxy Adventures
Cabo San Lucas
New Years morning on the
balcony of our room at the Casa
Check out the
timeshares that we have.  
Occasionally one is available..