Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
My youngest daughter decided to get married in Cabo San Lucas.  
It turned out to be a great experience.  Things were ready as
promised, the weather cooperated, and everyone had a great time.
The beach in front of the Casa Dorada.  Activities, restaurants, and
bars within a few yards of the resort.  The harbor entrance is in the
background.  Not shown is the peninsula to the Arch that begins
just past the harbor.
We drove to Akumal for an afternoon.  Beautiful water - reasonably
shallow and calm.  It was a nice place to swim, snorkel, and relax.  It
took about 30 minutes to get there by car.  It is a little south of
Playa del Carmen.
A view of the Arch formation through the lobby of the Casa Dorada,
looking across the pool, and the roof of one of several beach
restaurants/bars.  This is the best situated resort in Cabo.
When my daughter decided to get married in Cabo, she selected
this Sheraton Resort as the place she wanted to stay.  We traded in
weeks to get three separate rooms at the resort.  It was a nice
resort, but you need to have a rental car or plan to take a taxi to
most locations.  If you want to be able to walk to the harbor area and
downtown Cabo, consider the
Casa Dorada (closest resort to the
harbor and downtown), or the
Villa del Palmar (still walking distance).

Within the area of
abo San Lucas
we have several

You can choose

Villa del Palmar

Casa Dorada

Grand Mayan

Daughters and
mom get ready for
the big event in
Cabo San Lucas
Morning in Cabo.  
We like to see the
sunrise.  There
usually isn't much
competition for the
pool or beach.
You can drive or take a tour north, including a stop at the Hotel
California made famous by the Eagles.  About an hour to get there.