Antigua, Guatemala
The volcano near Antigua, Guatemala
One of the shops in a village near the volcano.  Many of the shops
had locked bars for a door.  You told them what you wanted,
passed your money through and the item was handed to you
through the bars
Gardens at the resort in Antiqua where we stayed during
December 2007.
Church in Antigua, Guatemala.
Textiles for sale on the street market in Antigua.  A number of
shops had hand looms where you could watch these items being

In Guatemala we
traded one of our
timeshare weeks
for a week at a
timeshare in
Antigua, Guatemala.

Let us know where
you would like to go
we'll see if we
can arrange a
timeshare trade.

We visited the
week before
Christmas.  Many of
the churches were
being decorated in
Resort Garden

The Resort we
traded for in Antigua
had a nice pool,
garden area, and a
few birds.