Riviera Maya
Riviera Maya, Mexico
Welcome to the Mayan Palace at the Riviera Maya.  We flew into
Cancun and the Mayan Palace is south of Cancun on the way to
Playa del Carmen. The pool covers over 2 acres, there are several
restaurants and bars, plenty of tours and activities if you want to
venture out.
We drove a rental car to Chichen Itza, but there are tours available.
 The trip was fine, but I think we might opt for the tour next time.  
More relaxing and there are significant tolls unless you take the
free road, but that is slow going.  This picture is from the top of the
pyramid, which is one of the seven wonders of the modern  world.
We drove to Akumal for an afternoon.  Beautiful water - reasonably
shallow and calm.  It was a nice place to swim, snorkel, and relax.  It
took about 30 minutes to get there by car.  It is a little south of
Playa del Carmen.
One of our favorite meals is Tacos al Pastor.  This is in Playa del
Carmen across the street from the large supermarket.  It is pork that
is shaved onto a tortilla and usually topped with a piece of pineapple.
 You might also try the Queso Fundido.  I like it with mushrooms.
An octopus seen on one of our dives out of Playa del Carmen.  We
have had good luck with
Phantom Divers.  They have small boats
that typically carry 5 or 6 divers and a
divemaster.  (During the flu
panic, we pretty much had things to ourselves.  All of the dives
have been worth doing and we have repeated a number of them.  
You always see something a little different.

Within the area of
Riviera Maya we
have several

You can choose

Mayan Palace
Playa del Carmen

Villa del Palmar

Dive from Playa del
Carmen or take a
ferry to Cozumel or
Isla Mujeres.  You
can also dive in the
Cenotes, which is a
unique experience
Mayan Palace

In December the
Mayan is ready for