:: Rolling Thunder ::
:: Rolling Thunder - 2007::
Rolling Thunder is not a motorcycle
club or organization.  They are
committed to keeping the public
aware of POW/MIA issues.

However, most people in the DC
area know that Memorial Day
Weekend is Rolling Thunder.

Tens of thousands of motorcycles
show up at various locations
starting early in the morning.  Hours
later they make there way across
the Potomac into DC.

We rode in 2007.  It was hot and we
did a lot of waiting for the short ride,
but it was a great experience.  Glad
we did it.  

Hope you enjoy the photos.
You will see all forms of "motorcycles" at Rolling Thunder.
If you ride a motorcycle, you really
have to respect motorcycle cops.  .
A vintage Army Motorcycle
A vintage US Marine
Some very impressive big rigs were in the Pentagon parking lot where we
waited with at least 40,000 of our closest friends.
We were packed into the Pentagon's North Parking Lot.
We were wondering if we would be
able to find our bike again.
Gen. Casey (above) and his bike