About Roxy & Jack
Working to Live
As you can probably tell, we enjoy our free time.  The Harleys have a couple of
standard Harley slogans - "Ride to Live" and "Live to Ride".   We apply the basic

idea to other activities as well.

We have to work, but we make sure we enjoy our free time.  We took the
panorama below at the 2007 Rolling Thunder event in Washington, DC.  This is
the North Pentagon Parking lot with about 40,000 of our closest friends.
Biking, Concerts, Travel, Camping, etc
Know any good motorcycle rides
in Virginia, Maryland, West
Virginia, Pennsylvania, etc?  If
so, please send us an email with
info about the ride.

How about a good camping area
or a nice winery.  We've only
been in the DC area a couple of
years and are doing our best to
explore it.
Rode the Softtail through Maryland
on a Poker Run.
Traveled to San Antonio to visit
Traveled to Las Vegas.  Checked
out La Reve and decided it was
time to see Wayne Newton.
Rode the Harleys to Charles
Town for Easter Weekend.
Latest News
Hobby & Recreation Group
Rode the Harley to Gettysburg, PA.
Rode the Harley in the Fairfax City
4th of July Parade.
Attended the Sheryl Crow Concert
at Wolf Trap.
Attended the Beach Boys Concert
at Wolf Trap.
Attended the Gipsy Kings Concert
at Wolf Trap.
Virginia State HOG Rally.  Wone
3rd in Biker Bowling.
Attended the 25th ISB in Beijing,
China as the President of the
International Ballistics Society.
Visited the World Expo in
Shanghai, China
Loaded up one of
the Harleys and
went camping for a
week.  It rained five
of the days, but we
still had a good time.

Quite an adventure!
Went to Julio Iglesias concert at
Wolf Trap