Virginia Ride – August 28, 2010

Saturday, 28 August 2010 looked like a particularly nice day for a ride.  We left the house at about 9:00 am and headed south on I-95 towards Fredericksburg, VA.  We took exit 130B to merge onto VA-3 W.  After about 12 miles, we turned left on VA-20, also known as Constitution Hwy.  If you are into American History, this drive takes you past President Madison’s estate and it is not far from President Jefferson’s Monticello.  After about 20 mile you will see the Waugh Harley Davidson Dealer on your right.  We stopped and visited for about 30 minutes.  We also got our Harley Davidson tour Virginia Passports stamped there.

When we started out again, we continued on Constitution Hwy and stopped in for a wine tasting at the Barboursville Winery.  You get to sample about a dozen wines and keep the glass for $5.  We liked their Viogneir Reserve as well as the Octagon.  The Rosato dessert wine was also pretty good.

From there we drove to Charlottesville, VA just because we had never been there.  THIS WAS  A VERY NICE RIDE ON A BIKE.  It is one of Virginia’s Byways and we found it to be just enough curves and trees lining the road to make it very pleasant.  I would certainly recommend it.

From Charlotesville, we headed to Staunton and stopped in at the Shenandoah Harley.  We again had our Virginia Passports stamped and just sat on the deck to relax for a little while.  About 5:00 pm we started towards home and stopped in for dinner at Kate’s in Springfield, VA.  A little mahi-mahi, a Sam Adam’s Octoberfest, some live music, and we were finally ready to head home about 10:00 pm.  It was pretty much a perfect day for riding and just enjoying being outside.  Warm at the lower elevations, cool in the higher elevations.

I’ve discussed our Scala Rider intercom before.  It sure is nice to be able to communicate between the bikes.  Now that we have added the Garmin Zumo to one of the bikes, it makes it particularly easy to simply head out exploring.  Whenever we decide to head home, it is a simple matter of pressing the button that says home.  It immediately routes it for you.  Not like previous years where we had to stop somewhere to even determine which direction was home.  I would certainly recommend both of these items as additions to your ride.

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