Mayan Palace
Living Room for our timeshare
in Playa del Carmen.  The
bedroom includes another
television and a king size bed.
This picture is taken from the
balcony towards the kitchen
area, which includes a small
refrigeration, two burner stove,
microwave, etc.  
Casa Dorada
Picture taken from the balcony
of our room.  Early morning with
the Sea of Cortezr to the upper
right.  Best resort location in
Cabo San Lucas.
Contact Us
We currently have a number of timeshares.  We do our best to use them ourselves,
but sometimes other commitments make it impossible.  If you are interested in
using a week, drop us an email.  

A couple of our timeshares are for the Mayan Palace Resorts in Mexico.  They have
resorts in
Cancun (Playa del Carmen), Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Aculpulco
Matzatlan, and Cabo.  We try to use at least one of these weeks every year.  

We also have weeks at the Casa Dorada and Villa del Palmar.  Like the Mayan
Palace, they have several locations
,   Villa del Palmar Loreto, and Villa del Palmar
Puerto Vallarta.

In addition to the resorts in Mexico, we have weeks at the Powhatan Plantation in
Williamsburg. VA.  These weeks have been traded for weeks all around the world
(eg Europe, South Africa, Australia, India, Thailand, Japan, etc.).  We have also used
them in Williamsburg.  

In case you are wondering, the picture above was taken at the Grand Mayan Resort
Nuevo Vallarta.
Timeshares Available (sometimes):
Feel free to drop us a note or ask a question.  As
you can see from the site, we are not in the
timeshare business, but we have a few units that
we will occasionally rent when we can't use
them ourselves.

No pressure to rent, so feel free to ask a
We enjoy feedback:
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