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Timeshare Resorts
We own weeks at all of the locations listed above, so
there is no need to trade timeshares
to stay at any of
the resorts listed above.  However, they can be traded
for other locations.  The
se timeshares have been used
for trades to resorts in South Africa, Australia, India,
Thailand, Germany, Japan,
Guatemala, other countries
and domestic locations.  

If you want a resort in a different location, we use a
trading company such as RCI or Interval.  
Trade fees
normally i
ncrease the cost by $50 to $150 per week.   
Best chance for good trades is to do them early.  Try to
book at least 12 months in advance if you are trying to
  There are lots of options available.  It is best to
let us know where and when you would like to go and
we can get you a quote, generally within 24 hours.
Example Timeshare Trades
San Diego, California - Traded for a One Bedroom